“With a burst of high octane creativity, jaw dropping ideas, we create incredible experiences for your brand and narrate stories that make your brand a revolution. While the world revolves around a bright light, we think about bending their minds around our ideas.”

RockMySales, in motion.

Social Media Marketing

Precise advertising and campaigning in Social Media for viral results.

Brand Management

Caring for Special Brands to drive their continuous personal evolution.

Competition Audit

Careful appreciation of concepts and practices followed by the competitor crowd.

Pay Per Click

Finding people who are interested in your Products and getting them to buy.

Web App Development

Greatest examples of customer interaction technology ever conceived.

Strategy Consulting

Multi-pronged activity-audited problem and strategy decisioning based on dynamic variables.

Content Design

Literature and Images combined for universal influence on human beings.

Contests and Promotions

Giving people the right reasons to see you in the right perspective.

Audience Management

Micro-leveraging audience response to exponentiate their brand attachment.

Pixels Pushed
Projects Completed


Using the greatest technology and minds to stay two steps ahead of the next big campaign idea.


Placing creativity above all other processes,  allowing us to reserve distinctive treatment for the best ideas and reasons.


Passion beyond ourselves, our shortcomings and  failures, putting us firmly in sight of the future we always imagined for the world.


Seeing  things to know exactly what it means, letting our clients have the best of expert opinions.

"These guys have been extremely easy to work with. They are organised and friendly and have an in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing. It has been a pleasant change, to work with an agency who understands client requirements and communicate well."

− Himanshu Chawla, FlowerAura (Co-Founder)

"What makes RMS stand out is their impeccable design sense, command over latest digital trends and a quality of going extra mile to deliver the desired results. We would love to work with them for new channels and recommend them as a trusted digital agency."

− Ruchi Chauhan, Wolters Kluwer (Marketing Head)

"They are one of the few teams in the marketing space who know how to balance the product, humour and populism. Never saturated, Rock My Sales is a lively, always on-line group of brilliant heads on the lookout for the next big idea."

− Taran Pant, Delivery Sumo (Co-Founder)

Are you looking for Digital marketing, branding, Social media marketing solutions for your company? Look no further, as Rock My Sales is your one-stop full-stack digital marketing agency in Delhi that offers tailor-made integrated digital marketing bouquet that makes your customers fall in love with your brand.

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Rock My Sales treats every lead uniquely and according to its merits. A product or a service has a character of its own that we would want to know in its entirety. As much as you would want to know about us, we would love to have a first look at your product.

To let us give you ‘our’ insights and information about your idea, contact us through the form or give us a call.

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